About Us

Rock the Lock Down the brain child of Ollie Hughes was created on the 17th March 2020 just 3 days after Lock Down was announced in Spain where we reside. 

With the help of Ollie´s  partner Lucy Pardoe the Facebook group was born. Ollie was inspired by Live Aid and wanted to create a one off online concert to entertain people during Lock Down. Lucy and Ollie´s  singing duo `Rock of the Ages´ had been a success on the Costa Del Sol and with the help of other amazing artists on the coast thought they could create a really special event. A concert where artists would live stream directly to people’s homes to keep morale at a very uncertain time..

 ¨´Spreading the love through the joy of live music from amazing artists around the word performing your very own front room festival¨´

The interest to be part of this one off online festival was overwhelming and totally unexpected. Artists from all around the world ( Spain, UK, America, Singapore, France, Germany, New Zealand and Australia to name a few) all wanted to perform. One day just wasn’t enough to show case the amazing talent wanting to be involved so this one day event turned into a two day event.

Within just under a week the members reached over 510,000!

Stephen Richards a friend of the Duo with over 22 years business experience in the Music industry and now business partner of RockTLD  was brought on board the first day to help with the admin and technical side of making the concerts happen. As the members of the page sky rocketed so did the acts wanting to perform. Ollie, Lucy and Stephen decided they would keep the concerts going each week during Lock Down. 

To keep up with the demand of the admin work Stephen built a much bigger team of volunteers to help administrate the page. Throughout the week people posted videos and pictures to entertain and uplift peoples spirits to the tune of over 30,000 posts an hour and at the weekends the tens of thousands would gather around their phones or smart televisions to watch the live concerts.

Ollie's talent was not just with singing but also with graphic design. Each week the concert graphics were creating so much of a buzz that on line shop was created. Members could now buy their own keep sake with Ollie's amazing designs on. T-shirts, Mugs, Phone cases and more. 

During Lock Down RockTLD produced 10 live concerts spanning over 3 months with 450 + Singers, musicians and DJS having performed. Artists who performed live had views of up to 200k real time from all around the globe receiving bookings and some artists even got record and/or management deals. As a result of a lot of media interest, resulting in Ollie and Lucy doing interviews for many media outlets including the BBC and Buzz feed to name a few.

The love and support received from thousands was amazing. RockTLD received emails and messages  from thousands of people who were isolated in Lock Down and separated from loved ones who found a place to connect and escape. RockTLD also raised thousands of pounds for different charities who benefited within days to send help where needed as quickly as possible.

They wanted to also do something very special for charity and something that had not been done before. A charity single created in Lock Down. 24 Artists and Musicians all remotely recorded the musical arrangement and vocals creating the single ‘The Show must go on- RockTLD version´ Devised, Produced & arranged by Ollie Hughes, Lucy Pardoe, Stephen Richards & Richard Rhead. Reproduced Under kind Permission from EMI & Queen LTD.

Lock Down started to lift some restrictions after 58 days in Spain and Ollie, Lucy & Stephen had already seen there would be a need for RockTLD long after Lock Down and the practicalities of continuing in its current format, so started work on their very own platform where artists could take back control by performing to audiences all over the world, sell their music, merchandise and concert tickets whilst connecting directly to fans. Where viewers could watch amazingly talented artists live from their homes and interact. On the 30th of September 2020 ROCKTLD, The future of music! Was launched.

They have been in talks for a UK tour and some extremely exciting new ventures. Keep up-to-date in the news field.

The vision for RockTLD is simple, to create something new where we celebrate and show off the amazing talent people from all around the world have to offer. To be kind and supportive to each other as we have all been and are being effected in different ways. It is time for us to come together and remember we are not alone and ROCK ON!!!!